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Publications & Resources Reports Technical reports, position papers, review documents, etc.

A project as large as ExMatEx produces a lot of “stuff”. This poses a challenge to organize it efficiently for convenient access by others. At some point we may incorporate a searchable, database-backed, solution on this site. For the time being we'll try and organize our output into a structure of HTML pages.

There are five pages listed in the menu to the left:

  • Everything: one page with all of our output on it, ordered by year. Whithin each year we have categories for papers, presentations, reports, and software.
  • Papers: Computer scientists typically publish at conferences, physicists in journals. We make no distinctation and gather all published papers on one page, sorted by year of publication.
  • Talks: Same deal—no distinction on where, or to whom, the talk was given. All presented talks are on one page, sorted by when presented. Where possible, we try to cross-link between related talks and papers.
  • Reports (this page): This is a catchall category for things that don't fit in the bins above. Examples include unpublished technical reports, position papers, review documents, software documentation, web posts, etc.
  • Software: links to our open source software. This page may also include pointers to partner (e.g. vendor, academia) software if it's used in ExMatEx proxies or for analysis.

You may note that there are no specific categories for proxies or research areas. We do list, on each project and research area page, all of the publications (in each category above) related to that particular project.

Finally, where possible, we provide a link to the actual content. Pointers to the external source of the content (e.g. journal or conference site) is prefered. If necessary, we store content on this site and serve it from here.



M. A. Heroux, J. Mohd-Yusof, D. Richards, A. Herdman and J. Luitjens, “Mantevo Suite 1.0”, R&D 100 Awards Submission, 2013 (LA-UR-13-22019)



A. McPherson, C. Mitchell, J. Ahrens, “Cloud+X: Exploring Asynchronous Concurrent Applications”, Los Alamos Unclassified Report. LA-UR-12-10472, 2012 [PDF]

Most of our code is released as open source // Visit the ExMatEx GitHub site