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ExMatEx News Events, software releases, vendor and inter-project interactions, etc.

Sep 23


ExMatEx holds All-Hands Meeting

ExMatEx held its All-Hands Meeting on the Georgia Tech campus, September 23-25, 2014, with both internal team members and external partners and stakeholders in attendance and participating remotely. The meeting agenda and presentations can be found here.

Dec 18


ExMatEx Y2 review held and documents released

  • Wed 18th Dec 2013
  • Al

The second annual technical review of the ExMatEx project was held on December 4th at LLNL. We are required to provide the review committee with a progress report and copies of all slides presented at the review. These documents have recently been approved for public release.

The Year 2 technical report is available from DoE or locally on this site. The slides from all review preenetations are also available (in a single PDF) locally. These documents are also available on this site's publications page. The documents were reviewed and approved for public release as LA-UR-13-29322 and LLNL-PRES-647492.

Dec 17


CoMD web page updated

  • Tue 17th Dec 2013
  • Jamal

The CoMD web page has been updated to fix some typos and add new text and images that describe how CoMD's halo exchange works.

Nov 19


CoMD 1.1 included in Mantevo 2.0 release

  • Tue 19th Nov 2013
  • Jamal

The ExMatEx molecular dynamics proxy application, CoMD 1.1, has been included in the recent release of the Mantevo 2.0 suite. The latest version of CoMD includes a new OpenMP implementation.

Nov 7


ExMatEx staff share 2013 R&D 100 Award

  • Thur 7th November 2013
  • Dave
David Richards in a tuxedo

The following ExMatEx staff were part of the recent R&D 100 award for Mantevo 1.0.

  • Jim Belak (LLNL)
  • Tim Germann (LANL)
  • Si Hammond (SNL)
  • Sue Mniszewski (LANL)
  • Jamal Mohd-Yusof (LANL)
  • David Richards (LANL)
  • Sriram Swaminarayan (LANL)

From Sandia's announcement: The Mantevo suite, submitted by Mike Heroux (SNL), is an integrated collection of small software programs (miniapps) that model the performance of full-scale applications, yet require code only a fraction of the size of the full application. The Mantevo project pioneered the miniapp concept, and Mantevo Suite 1.0 is the first integrated collection of full-featured miniapps. Miniapps have emerged as central components of computer system co-design in an era of rapid architectural changes. Major companies like Intel, IBM, NVIDIA, AMD, Cray, along with universities and national laboratories, use miniapps for rapid design-space exploration in the development of the next generation of high-performance computers. The work was done in collaboration with, among others, Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore national laboratories, and Santa Clara-based NVIDIA Corp.

Dave Richards (right), who did not need to rent a tuxedo, attended the award ceremony and banquet in Florida. See Miniapps Pick Up the Pace at the R&D 100 site for more information.

Nov 4


ExMatEx holds All-Hands Meeting

  • Tue 4th Nov 2013
  • Tim
Early seminar at
            Los Alamos

ExMatEx held its All-Hands Meeting in Livermore, CA on November 4-6, 2013, with both internal team members and external partners and stakeholders in attendance and participating remotely. The agenda for the meeting can be found here.

Most of our code is released as open source // Visit the ExMatEx GitHub site