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Engagement & Outreach Overview We engage and interact with a broad variety of vendors and other co-design projects

Hack-a-thons and other key engagements with external ecosystem partners in 2014.
Host Location, Dates Participants Key Outcomes
Intel X-Stack Hillsboro
Jan. 21-23
Mitchell, Richards Planned OCR version of CoMD
Design Forward Berkeley
Jan. 28-30
Belak, Germann Initial kickoff meeting for Design Forward vendor projects
AMD FF Austin
Feb. 3-4
Belak, Rountree
NNSA/ASC Kansas City
Belak, McPherson ASC PI Meeting: Review of the ASC Co-design Program and PSAAP projects
Fast Forward Livermore
March 4-6
Belak, Richards Quarterly review of the FastForward vendor projects
DOE HQ Washington,~DC
March 12-13
Belak Review of preliminary conceptual design for Exascale computing
LBL DEGAS Berkeley
March 17-18
Belak, Richards, Mohd-Yusof, Mniszewski, Sewell Focus on PGAS, UPC++, communications-avoiding algorithms, dynamic threading, containment domains, and tensor contractions. Interest in CoSP2 linear algebra work.
Intel FF Santa Clara
April 14-18
Mohd-Yusof, Mniszewski Improved simulator; experiments with CoMD and CoSP2
XStack PI Meeting Cambridge MA
May 28-30
Belak Review XStack Program and present XStack postdoc activities
AMD FF Austin
June 30-July 1
Mohd-Yusof FF wrap-up.
Design Forward Berkeley
July 22-24
Belak, Mohd-Yusof First full review of the vendor Design Forward program
XPW14 Indiana Univ.
Aug. 5-7
Belak Workshop on Productivity needs for Exascale Computing
ASCR Seattle
Aug. 13-14
Schulz (Org), Vetter (Org), Germann, Hammond, Belak ASCR Workshop on Simulation and Modeling
Fast Forward Livermore
Sept. 9-11
Belak, Germann, McPherson, Richards Final Fast Forward1 reviews and introduction of Fast Forward2 vendor projects
ExMatEx All-Hands Atlanta
Sept. 23-25
ExMatEx Team Regular project all-hands meeting, including external stakeholders
Intel XStack Hillsboro
Sept. 30-Oct. 2
Richards, Mniszewski Updates on task-based programming models CnC, OCR, Habanero C, RStream, HTA. Focus on CoMD, Lulesh, and HPGMG. SDSC presented CoMD threaded model work. Interest in CoSP2 from CnC and RStream.
Hack-a-thons and other key engagements with external ecosystem partners in 2013.
Host Location, Dates Participants Key Outcomes
IBM Yorktown
Jan. 21-22
Richards Map key kernels to AMC using assembler; critique of architecture
Sandia SST Albuquerque
Apr. 10-12
Belak, McPherson, Mohd-Yusof, Richards Put SST Toolkit in hands of co-design app developers; identified need for OpenMP support
Intel FF I Santa Clara
June 4-6
Belak, Karlin, Keasler, Mohd-Yusof, Richards Focus on CoMD, LULESH; debug infrastructure; used pthreads; need OpenMP; identified HW ops
IBM DCDC Argonne
July 16-17
Richards Improved simulator; AMC mods; compiler
Intel XStack Hillsboro
Aug. 6-8
Belak, Mniszewski, Keasler, Mohd-Yusof EDT/OCR programming model; Roger Golliver's implementation of LULESH
nVIDIA FF Santa Clara
Aug. 13
Keasler Michael Garland engaged on RAJA and PHALANX
AMD FF Austin
Sept. 11-12
Belak, Laguna, McPherson, Mohd-Yusof, Richards, Rountree Focus on CoMD deep dive; resilience and power side engagements
Intel FF II Santa Clara
Oct. 22-24
Belak, Karlin, Keasler, Mohd-Yusof OpenMP now supported; all CD centers invited; focus on ExaCT
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